Birth Order Trait

 Personality Traits of First Born 

First born children may be smarter than youngest and middle children. However the study shows that birth order did not  affects intelligence and even big families can’t offer the same advantages to all the kids that small families can. It’s genetics and the family environment that affects IQ more than birth order.

    In term of education,  first born children are more likely to go for further study because some parents can afford to send only one child to university or collage at one time, it’s more likely to be the first born.

Personality Traits of Middle Children 

 Middle born children are most difficult to understand  because their identity growing up from last born to middle child and make it in unpredictable ways.

    The most advantage of middle born children may be more likely to keep harmony in the family and the main bridge to connect each other in family. 

  The disadvantage of the middle born is the hard to make decision compare to other bird order. For example if older brother want to the engineer , the younger brother love to be chef in hotel. 


Personality Traits of Last Born or Youngest Children

    Last born or youngest children are more likely to be more adventurous, funnier and  more agreeable because they are small, they usually learn to be either an entertainer or someone who stays out of family conflicts, because they are too little to be powerful players in the family.

First Middle Last
Natural Leader Flexible Risk-taker
High Achiever Easy-going Outgoing
Organized Social Creative
On-time Peacemakers Self-centered
Know-it-all Independent Financially irresponsible
Bossy Secretive Competitive
Responsible May feel life is unfair Bored easily
Adult-pleaser Strong negotiator Likes to be pampered
Obeys the rules Generous Sense of humor

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