My Top 5 Awesome Things

Today i want to write about my top 5 Awesome Things that i ever have.

No1:My eBay Account

I extremely love my eBay account, because it have a lot of sweets memory during i start my first day selling something on the internet until now..

No2:My PayPal Account

Who does not love money? please raise your hands ... of course I liked it because PayPal is my favorite "money tube ...". For your information PayPal is the most safe way to pay or to get payment for any online transaction
No3: My Old Notebook

Event it looking quite "Old" and "Freak"It holding my greatest Memory about Me, Her, and My "Pocket".. 

No4: My Badminton Racket

Because i get it for FREE from someone that i really love... 

No5: My New and Powerful Notebook

Come with Intelligent "arandle" types processor and Powerful Radeon HD Graphic card, up to 8 GB Ram and intelligent Face Recognition WebCam " make every  " Gadget Maniac"..Cry.... FULL STOP!!

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esan salvatore || syed nabil consiglieri said...

crocs purple?? :)

salihin said...

Not Included

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