Year 2008 is the national election year. 5 states in this country be governed by non- government party and the rest of it by government party. Malaysia is a democratic country. Every decision made should be by voting in advance. Same goes with university. It has own election for every year. Students should vote the representative candidate during Election Day

The purpose of the election is to be student representative to the university. These students will be representative to all students of university. They will solve the entire problem reported by students. I mean they will become a central between the university and the students. Without this candidate, many of problems that occur among the students can’t be solve.

The election is important because they will be practice to be a great leader for a future. This kind of people will lead the country someday. They must be more responsible because the student giving their trust to them. They will get many advantages being student representative. For example they will expand their influence to outsider. With election at university, students will have experience in a future.

Students must vote during Election Day because they will determine the right candidate. However, some candidates just only speak loud and didn’t do anything. Students have their own right to choose the best candidate. This candidate have a huge responsible.

Student has their own right during election. Sometimes they need changes or need something different at university. They will determine the direction of their own future. Later on, this type of changes maybe can be greater from previous year. This election will show the powerful of students. Students will express their own wishes by the election.

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