"To Cheat, or Not to Cheat"

Why do some student love to cheat? There are many reasons but, when you have a really good think about, they all lead back to the one thing, Selfishness. Greed, or want to looks smart and cool.
Before we take a look at the selfishness, behind acts of unfaithfulness, this is probably a good time to give definition to what commitment actually means in student daily life.
When you enter into a university, there is a natural habit when student having a “ toyol” or copy from others during test or quiz.  But did they know what the main purpose he or her enter the university? . to be a better person ? or just to get good CGPA? 

Almost every day we hear of many educated people out there arrested for committing various crimes, such as Corruption . Do you know where these symptoms begin? right, it starts from university ..

starting bringing "toyol", changed to copy the answer during quiz or test, and later changed to something more severe and constantly changing until it will became the “ Educated Devil” that waiting to destroy our nation and religion.

Notice how I have said, several times throughout this short entries, " selfishness, behind acts of unfaithfulness ", and the word " unfaithfulness " is the word I would like to emphasize here. Put simply, if you truly want to be a good person in the most pure form and the way God intended a man and a women to protect their pride and religion , then being honest  to your study and  would never enter your mind and acting selfishly would not be part of your behavior vocabulary. I shall now reverse that last comment and say that if you cheat during study, you cannot possibly survive in this tiny world or the Hereafter.

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